Moving can seem simple until you do it. After all, you only need to pack your stuff, load them in the truck, and drive off to your new destination. Seems easy, right? If you have moved before, you know how far this is from the reality. However, proper planning and preparation help eliminate stress and save effort. So, here are a few things about a stress-free move.

Pack a Bag of Essentials

There will be a lot of boxes containing your stuff. The last thing you want is to review every box to find something you need. So, prepare an overnight bag and put things like toiletries, a change of clothes and some snacks. Don’t forget to pack your chargers and pet food. This way, you will have everything you need before unpacking your stuff.

Use Clothes to Wrap Breakables

Professionals like Browning Moving provide wrapping materials to protect breakables. If you are doing it yourself, consider using clothes to cover these items. Before buying packing paper and bubble wrap, remember you have towels, pillows, and clothes you can use. That way, you will avoid spending money and wasting space. 

Don’t Move It if You Will Not Need It

Professionals advise on the importance of decluttering your home before packing. If you have lived in your current house for several years, there is a chance you have accumulated more stuff. So, consider selling some in a yard sale, donate, or throw away. If you have not used an item for several years, consider discarding it since it will still be unnecessary even in the new place. 

Check Measurements

One vital thing when relocating to a new place is knowing the measurements. You don’t need to measure everything. Bring a tape measure and measure things like the couch, bed, dining table, etc. You will know if they can fit in the new space. Nothing feels worse than transporting items only to realize they are inches wider than the door.

Pack Most Essential after Least Essential

Do not attempt to pack up an entire room. Instead, try packing less essentials then most essential items. For example, you can first remove wall hangings and paintings to prevent inconveniences and damage. Move closer to the date as you pack items based on their popularity. Begin with the rarely used items and finish with the frequently used ones like appliances and clothes. Pack the kitchen last unless you plan to eat out a week before moving.

Take Pictures before Disconnecting Electronics

You might forget to hook back an electronic. That is why it is advisable to take a picture before disconnecting. You can easily reattach once you get to your destination without issues. Ensure all the parts are kept together to help recreate the appliance later.

Pack Your Papers Separately

Don’t keep your essential documents in the moving truck. Instead, keep them in your car. Your passport, certificate of deposit folder, car ownership documents, social security card, and other important documents should not be lost.

In Conclusion

These are things that make a smooth move. Early preparation and downsizing will be helpful to eliminate stress and give you a smooth process. Go over the points and know how to make your relocation efficient and smooth.