Home decor is not any more the discussion for only the rich class of the society. The availability of ideas for the middle class and abundance of accessories in a variety of prices comes out to be the most motivating factor for bedroom décor business. A bedroom is an important place where we can sleep and relax after the day-long activities.

Vibrant metallic wallpapers cover the wall

Just think a little out of the box. Decorating the wall with different sorts of paints is banal and needs to be changed soon for sure. Instead, the rich exotic metallic wallpapers are too on-trend for these recent years. To avoid smearing and blackening the headrest, keep the bed about an inch or half away from the wall.

The headrest of the bed must be of a proper height that gives you utmost comfort and keeps the wallpaper safe. The exotic metallic color adds the bling factor even in a bedroom. The vibrant wallpapers add a different feel of richness to the bedroom, even better when there is a striking appeal with the colors.

Blend it up

Try to blend the colors of accessories in the bedroom. If the walls are in darker shades, keep the accessories light and vice versa, accordingly. The light and bright shades give a more comforting feeling to see and mental comfort in the bedroom. If the bedspread is blue in color, keep the lampshade green.

Boost the sense of fun and peace with different colors pops, giving the room a fresh look altogether. For 2020, light purple, creams, and soft greens are the shades that top the list.

The right bed when we Repose

A right kind of bed should not be very bulky at all. You just let a lot of air circulate in the room, creating a feeling of space. Apart from all these decorations, the bed should be comfortable enough when we repose. The correct kinds of mattress are manageable and keep up with the temperature.

For this year 2020, you should have a storage bed that has a slip storage drawer and that too without noise. You can store everything extra in the room in these inbuilt drawers of the bed.

For a small or mid-sized room, a king-size bed will be a bad idea. Buy the customized bed and place it, leaving the maximum space for movement in the rest of the room.

A Furniture set in the right proportion

Considering the space for movement in the room, the furniture set should be in the proper ratio. Check the dimensions of the furniture according to the size. Avoid the arrangement of large and high furniture. Try with the colors of paints on the furniture giving them a new and modern look.

Captured moments in the Photo frames

Start reliving the beautiful moments of your life by looking at the photo frames hung on the wall. Choose the best of the clicked photo frames and keep them on the side table by the bed. Creating a beautiful collage is also an excellent idea. Hanging a mix of pictures that reminds of the memorable moments comes as a rocking idea.

Get a high-quality photo frame as we do not replace them quite often. The vintage styled metal frames are also in, but they seem good for the bedside table. For the walls, wooden photo frames will suit the best on walls and grace them.

Wall Hanging Tapestry

You can also choose to hang the different wall tapestries that reflect an old artwork that is displayed from ancient times. The wall-hanging tapestry comes in different types of art like an elephant tapestry, mandala tapestry and patch worked tapestry.

Gives a very rich and plush decor to the room, with the wall hanging tapestries.


The bed should be at a proper height which gives you comfort and keeps the wallpaper safe. The metallic paint adds the bling factor even in a bedroom. The vibrant wallpapers add an ethnicity to the bedroom, even better when there is a striking appeal with the colors. We love to spend a good part of the day in our bedrooms and hence, it is necessary to have the trendiest and the hottest bedroom décor.