This is a question that a surprising number of UK homeowners would have trouble answering, and although they are aware of the importance of regular servicing, most are unaware of what exactly that entails. The already considerable investment to buy the a/c system is just one reason why regular maintenance is important, as it can add years to the lifespan, and if the system is regularly cleaned and inspected, any issues can be quickly dealt with, thus avoiding costly repairs. For those who would like to know the ins and outs of an air conditioning service, here is a brief overview.

  • Cleaning the Condenser Coils – This improves overall efficiency and that has an impact on running costs, and with regular cleaning, the system will always run at optimum performance. Most HVAC contractors offer a/c servicing, and if you ever needed a replacement pump for a heating system in West Sussex, for example, there are established local contractors who will happily service you’re a/c on a scheduled basis. 
  • Check Coolant Levels – If the coolant levels are low, this will seriously affect the system’s performance, and typically, a gas called Freon is used for this. Once the gas has been topped up, the technician would lubricate all mechanical moving parts, and would also ensure that there are no obstructions to the compressor air intake grills.
  • Calibrate the Thermostat – This will ensure accurate temperature control, and if the thermometer is not accurate, this could result in using more energy than is necessary. In some cases, the unit would have to be replaced, and this is something your servicing contractor would recommend, should he feel it is necessary.
  • Ducting Inspection – This would ensure there is no heat loss, and a thorough visual inspection would reveal any abnormalities, and if the system is in need of repair, ducting sections can easily be replaced, although this would be a rare occurrence.
  • Cleaning Filters – There are several filters on an air-conditioning system, and each should be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Some models have replaceable filters, while others can be cleaned and reused, but either way, the filters must be regularly cleaned.
  • Running Test – The final test would be to run the system, which allows the technician to monitor compressor performance, and with an array of electrical equipment, would be able to measure the efficiency of each component. The compressor would be monitored for volt draw and amperage, and with a thorough examination of all the electrical connections, the test is complete.

Sourcing a reputable servicing company is only necessary if the system cannot be serviced by the supplier, and in that case, an online search would be the best way to find a local contractor, and with a visit twice a year, you can be sure the a/c will always be working at optimum levels. Just before and after the summer are the ideal times to have this done, and for what it costs, it makes sense to prolong the life of such an essential component by regularly maintaining it.