We will surely touch on several factors to New Orleans’s local behaviors. And the food is probably at the top of everyone’s list. How can you enjoy this delightful city like a local? Let’s find out!

Get Outside

Even more so than munching on beignets or catching beads, true locals of New Orleans are die-hard outdoor lovers. The climate of New Orleans is humid subtropical and brings about some wet and rainy springs and summers. You can expect most fall and winters to be dry and mild. In the winter, you can expect about 8 days on average to which the temperatures will fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perfect weather such as this offers excellent opportunities for outdoor fun. City Park is a popular place for visitors and is in the heart of the city, north of the Mississippi River. The New Orleans Museum of Art is contained within the park.. Part of the NOMA is a free public sculpture garden. Additionally, you can visit the 10-acre Botanical Garden, The Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, or the Pelican Greenhouse.

If you’re looking for some recreation that costs nothing but time and energy, check out the options for birding, boating, fishing, biking, or tennis. You do not have to stay in City Park to experience the outdoors. There are gardens, parks, and other green spaces throughout the city. New Orleans has adopted some fantastic initiatives to create a better living space for all outdoor lovers. As a city that has gone through some of the most tumultuous natural disasters, its goal is to protect its beautiful town.

Live Music is Everywhere

Many consider New Orleans to be the birthplace of jazz. The earliest form of jazz was known to be Dixieland jazz but has since branched into many various forms of jazz and has contributed to numerous subgenres. With such a prominent music scene, New Orleans is host to numerous venues, bars, and cafes perfect for jamming to local artists.

Many people coming to New Orleans initially come as visitors. And some of these are drawn by the appeal of the outdoors and the music scene of the area. What tends to happen to many is they arrive in New Orleans and quite literally fall in love. And they make it a point to come back and visit again. Or perhaps they ultimately decide that New Orleans is where their heart is. And the next thing is they are looking at New Orleans homes for sale and planning their big move.

Knowing where the best music hosting clubs and venues are located in the city doesn’t have to be your biggest driving force. However, we believe it will still be a topic of interest for any newcomers. The Spotted Cat Music Club, Maple Leaf Bar, the Siberia Lounge, the Blue Nile, and Rosy’s Jazz Hall are all hot spots for grooving to some fabulous beats. And these few are only a drop in the vast ocean of options for enjoying live performances.

The Food is Exceptional

We can’t have any articles about New Orleans with prominent mention of some of the best cuisine in the south and the U.S. as a whole. There are a plethora of traditional dishes that originate from this area and some vital names to know when you’re looking for who serves the best. If you’re in the French Quarter district, Broadmoor, or the Touro district – you’ll have tons of options to feed your belly!

Grab a Po-Boy at Guy’s or Domilise’s. Grab some comfort food at Gris Gris. Get yourself a lard corn dog at Toups Meatery. You’re likely to find just about anything you may be craving. And you’ll also probably find a ton of foods you have never tried or heard of! We encourage you to jump right in and taste the flavors of New Orleans. Professional chefs rave about the cajun and creole flavors that truly represent the culture of this southern city.

Ultimately, the best way to experience all of what New Orleans has to offer is to make the call and plan your visit. Maybe your goal is to eat all of the food, listen to all of the amazing sounds, and visit every park. Or it could just be that you’re hoping to meet new folks, start a new chapter, or just change up your scenery. This city is perfect for almost everyone.