Marble is a fantastic rock formed by compacted material inside the earth. Because of this random, natural phenomenon, marble comes in all different colors and textures. No two slabs of marble are alike and this is part of the reason why they have been so sought after. Marble natural stone has always been and continues to be one of the most valuable additions to a home. If you’re interested in adding some marble to your home, but you’re overwhelmed with the options.

What are the different types of marble?

It is easily one of the most luxurious Marble natural stones.This is specially real thinking about how many one of a kind kinds there are. The natural beauty of this raw stone makes it a versatile choice for any interior or exterior remodeling idea. Marble is cut from special quarries where different slabs of stone are sent to factories for further polishing. Since there are many different types of marble, it’s important to sort them in the way that makes the most sense by color.

Carrara Marble:

This marble usually comes in a solid color of white-gray. It is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, or bathroom walls. It is officially called Bianco Carrara and is unique because the veins are thin and feathery. These marble natural stones make one of the most popular types of marble countertops you’ll find in any modern or elegant kitchen.

Calacatta Marble:

Named from the location where it was discovered near Carrara, Italy, it is one of the most popular marbles on the market. Its different crack patterns and gray veins make each slab a unique landscape that you can decorate your home with.

Marble natural stones

Negro Marquina:

The most common type of black marble that most homeowners choose for their homes is Negro Marquina. This solid black stone is streaked with white veins, although some Negro Marquina can be polished to solid black. Originating from Basque, there is a high demand for marble natural stones’ in color and type.

Nero Portoro:

It’s the Italian counterpart to the Negro Marquina, and it’s just as bold and beautiful. This stone has a golden leopard pattern and light creamy brown, giving it a natural mosaic look. Each slab is highly unique and used to decorate large bathrooms and kitchens.

Sasso Rosso Marble:

It is a deep, earthy red marble that is quarried in Italy. It is a fantastic stone for decorating, and can also be used for walls and floors. Edge a sink or pool with this stone to add a rich touch of color to any interior or exterior design.

Domvrena Red Marble:

Another marble natural stone that comes from Greece, is a popular choice for countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. It is spotted with both light and dark red spots, scattered with patches of cream and light brown. It’s a great way to add a burst of energy and sound to an otherwise monotonous space.

There are also many types of marble natural stone. It is a trendy design choice for almost any room renovation due to its versatility and durability. It is a natural stone, making it more precious and elegant than composite alternatives.